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If you do not find a description of a service you are looking for on this page it does not mean we are not able to meet you expectations. Thanks to our highest skills and versatility we are capable of undertaking projects from different fields and of the highest complexity level.


Feasibility studies

The feasibility study is one of the basic documents required for the realization of investment projects co-financed with European Union funds. Its goal is to collect all necessary data needed for making investment decisions. It must deliver the answers to following questions:

•  Is the project feasible from a technical angle and financially realistic?
•  Is it possible to realize the project in a given socio-economic as well as environmental situation?
•  What particular structure of the organization is responsible for project implementation?
•  What is the administrative and legal framework of project implementation?
•  Will the proposed project deliver any financial and social benefits and if so, of what value and to whom?

All such feasibility studies must take into account all the above aspects and deliver clear and comprehensive information relating to them.
Our company has so far carried out feasibility studies realized within the framework of the following European Union programs: ZPORR, INTERREG and also PHARE. Since our inception we have prepared approximately 30 feasibility studies for projects, the majority being road projects. Over 35% of projects for which we carried out feasibility studies obtained grants from the European Union programs. Our professional submissions gain not only the approbation of our clients, but are also highly ranked by the Board of Experts of particular programs.



Project fiches and application forms

Application form (together with appendices like environmental impact assessment, feasibility study) is a basic document, on the basis of which a financing institution makes a decision about financial support. Its task is to introduce a project together with indicators needed for its assessment.
Particular aid programs and organizations have their own fiche patterns.

Sometimes difficult terms and obscure manuals for its completion can be a serious obstacle for a potential beneficiary. Our company expertise in this area has been gained from years of experience. We have got to meet a problem that cannot be solved.


Environmental impact assessments

Environmental impact assessment is a procedure that ensures that the environmental implications of decisions are taken into account before any decision is made. The process involves an analysis of the likely effects on the environment, recording those effects in a report, undertaking a public consultation exercise on the report, taking into account the comments and the report when making the final decision and informing the public about that decision afterwards.

In the process of carrying out environmental impact assessments we are supported by skills and knowledge of independent scientists from universities and scientific centres, mainly form north-eastern Poland.

All environmental assessments prepared by our company comply with regulations in force, particularly those included in the Act of Parliament "Environmental protection law".


Tender documents

Accurate preparation of the tender documents can prevent possible problems during both the tendering procedure and project realization. Inaccuracies in terms of reference and technical specifications which are an integrated part of the tender documents can result in objection to the tender and can even stop project execution, for example exaggerating the qualifications of the tenderer may result in the rejection of a project when it is co-financed with grants from the EU or the IFI.

Inaccurate terms used in the tender document may also cause many misunderstandings between an investor and contractor during project implementation.

Our consultants have more then 12 years experience in the preparation of tender documents for projects co-financed by the EU and the World Bank, most of which were in English and complied with the international standards indicated by the EU or independent organizations like FIDIC. Positive references of our clients prove the highest quality of our tender documents and our reliability in their preparation. 


Professional translations

As well as the preparation of professional documents, our company also carries out their translation into English. After Poland joined the European Union and Polish became an official language the necessity of translations of project submissions into English has been reduced to the minimum. Nevertheless, application forms of projects executed in the framework of e.g. PHARE or the EEA Financial Mechanism must be in part translated into English.

The experience of our consultants, who have executed a significant number of translations of application forms, environmental impact assessments and tender documents proves our ability to translate all economic and technical documents. References from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Tebodin Ltd. (a company had been supervising projects financed from pre-accession funds) further confirm our professionalism and integrity.


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